Acknowledge Proactive Monitoring (APM)

Site definition

What is the purpose of the site: APM is a tool to monitor entire IT network infrastructures; it gives continuous insight into the current status and history of the equipment within each (managed) environment.

What are the goals of the site: Founded in 1995 as a Managed Service Provider in the Netherlands, Acknowledge has grown into a big IT corporation (which is in the top 100 of the Netherlands) by focusing on innovation and solving fundamental business process problems. Acknowledge supports customers by taking care of their dynamic and complex network infrastructures. To accomplish this, the IT specialists make use of APM; an in-house developed tool to monitor entire infrastructures. APM gives continuous insight into the current status and history of the equipment within each managed environment. APM delivers several modules to help IT specialists:

  • Monitoring: Analyse real-time event data for incident response, problem identification and optimization;
  • Risks: Treat potential risks like vulnerabilities on hosts or resources to keep environments healthy;
  • Visualizations: Create physical, logical, geographical or business process maps of environments to get real-time status feedback of live hosts;
  • Assets: Audit complete infrastructures and collect inventory details about hosts to keep track of all environment assets;
  • Admin: Manage organizations, related organization environments, user accounts, hosts, resources and your own user settings;
  • Reports: Report availability and capacity of hosts and resources.

Project Details

  • Client: Acknowledge
  • Product: APM
  • Role: Interaction Designer / UX Designer
  • Duration: 4 years+
  • Contribution:  Feature brainstorming, user research (empathy mapping, personas, user surveys), information architecture, information design, product backlog tracking, prototyping (paper & low-fidelity), usability testing, interaction design / front-end development
  • Tools: Paper & Pen, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Jira & Taiga (agile project management platforms for Kanban & Scrum)
  • Client website:
  • Marketing website:

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