Carnival Association of Hapert

Site definition

What is the purpose of the site: The site provides info about the celebrations and parades they organize; it has it’s own Social Wall, news updates, information about the linked events and their assosiation. The most important event, which is called “Kempenoptocht Hapert”, has it’s own dedicated site for the biggest carnival parade in the region. It’s the Champions League of parades, with the most technical and imaginative creations. Both the client website and the main event website are built by me.

What are the goals of the site: Founded in 1961 with more then 100 active members, they have organized many events for the towns around Hapert. Their events are held in a massive building (which can hold thousands of visitors) or in the center of the town. Most events are around carnival, but they also organize a big retro themed market event and weekly events for seniors. People from the area of “De Kempen” love to come to their events because it gives them the opportunity to socialize with old AND new friends, plus it makes them feel like they are part of a community.

Project Details

  • Client: Pintewippers
  • Product: +
  • Role: Interaction Designer / UX Designer
  • Duration: 4 months +
  • Contribution:  Feature brainstorming, information architecture, information design, prototyping (paper & low-fidelity), usability testing, interaction design / front-end development
  • Tools: Paper & Pen, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress development platform
  • Client website:
  • Main event website:

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